Law Firm Petrušić & Co d.o.o.

After many years of lawyer practice, Anto Petrušić established a Law Firm Petrušić & Co d.o.o. Zenica, as a crown of his career.

This firm employs three lawyers, Anto Petrušić, Srđan Petrušić and Admir Hadžić, law clerk Ivana Paškalj as well as two secretaries Azra Dedić and Boris Petrušić.

Before starting his own attorney activity, Anto Petrušić worked as the head of the department for commercial lawsuits within the Legal Division of Mining and Metallurgical Combine Zenica which used to be the second biggest company in former Yugoslavia.

Working on the above-mentioned cases, Anto Petrušić, attorney-at-law, gained extensive practical knowledge in the field of economic, commercial and financial law as well as international arbitration which, nowadays, he realizes in his own practice very successfully.

Knowledge, experience and reputation of Anto Petrušić, attorney-at-law, and the young trainees, are the guarantee of highly-professional and ethical approach to the clients of our Office.

The firm communicates in Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian language, as well as in English and German.

The activity of the Firm is based on dedicated and highly-professional work, objective approach to current legal issues and keeping the clients fully informed about the stage and the status of their cases, which contributes the atmosphere of complete mutual trust between the office and the clients.