About Us

Petrušić & Co d.o.o. Law Firm Zenica, was founded in 2014, by lawyer Anto Petrušić, as the pinnacle of his legal career.The story of the early beginnings goes back to 1991, when lawyer Anto Petrušić, after the experience gained as the chief lawyer for commercial disputes of SOUR RMK and as an attorney general of self-governance, founded a law office. In the course of his work, lawyer Anto Petrušić acquired an enviable legal practice in the field of economic, commercial and financial law, as well as international arbitrations.

Lawyer Anto Petrušić was also awarded the Golden Plaque by the AOKFBIH, which is the highest recognition within the legal profession for his long-term contribution to the development of the legal profession in BiH. Over the years, the office grew and expanded, spawning several lawyers, and in 2014 it matured into the Petrušić & Co Law Firm d.o.o. Zenica. Less than two years after the founding of the Law Firm, Anto Petrušić passed away, and the Firm was taken over by his son, lawyer Srđan Petrušić.

Srđan Petrušić started his work in the office and later in the Law Firm in 2011 as a trainee lawyer, and in 2015 he was registered in the directory of the Bar Association as a lawyer. In 2020, two trainee lawyers joined the Law Firm. Our team currently has three members with a tendency to expand further. The Law Firm's core areas of activity are corporate and commercial law, labor law, obligation-legal relations and administrative law. The company also specializes in representation before the Constitutional Court of BiH and before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

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